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Headliner Fabric

Ideal for car and automotive interior roof lining and trimming, our Headliner fabric also works well on boat interiors, caravan interiors, side lining, door cards, panels and horse-boxes.


This product works brilliantly as an initial underlay fabric to give any hard surface a soft cushion effect, particularly when used in-conjunction with a high-quality top fabric and we also offer a spray adhesive to make application cleaner and easier.


And that’s not all. It’s also foam backed for safety and comfort, making it perfect when it comes to repairing existing fabric or simply brighten-up the interior of the family car, boat, motor home or recreational vehicle. 


Whether your car is in need of a little revitalization, if it’s dirty, ripped, stained or sagging after years of use, or you are in the process of restoring a classic vehicle or boat, this durable, hard-wearing material, will make the job easier as well as creating beautiful results.


We stock a range of headliner fabrics in a wide selection of colors, sizes and textures and our materials are available to both the wholesale and retail customer across the United States. So feel free to take a look through our many products and feel free to contact us should you not find what you are looking for.

1-12 of 57 Products

1-12 of 57 Products